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About Us



Starting in 1968 the Central Forest Products Association (CFPA) is a nonprofit, member-supported, organization that provides lumber grade inspection services, Grade stamping services, HT certification in conjunction with the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) and education services to forest industry producers in Manitoba and Saskatchewan, Canada. There is a clear focus on our members CFPA delivers cost-effective, market-driven services in technical certification, inspection and testing, manufacturing process audits, and training. 

We are an accredited agency of :

  • the Canadian Lumber Standards Accreditation Board (CLSAB) 
  • the American Lumber Standard Committee, Inc. (ALSC)

Member of:

  • the National Lumber Grades Authority (NLGA) 
  • Canadian Wood Council (CWC) 
  • the Canadian Food Inspection Agency for the CHTWPCP (HT) program.

What We Do



  • · Lumber Grader training 
  • · Technical training
  • · Lumber grade inspection services
  • · Dry kiln inspection and certification
  • · Custom grade stamping
  • · HT (Heat Treated) certification for Domestic and International shipments
  • · ISPM-15 training and certification

Facility List


  1. Carrier   Forest Products Ltd.   
  2. Norsask Forest Product LP.   
  3. Edgewood Forest Products   
  4. Spruce   Products Ltd.   
  5. River City Remanufacturing   
  6. Paul Henzel Lumber Ltd.   
  7. South-East Pallet & Wood   Products   
  8. Select Forest Products   
  9. Riehl's Lumber & Logging   
  10. LaRonge   Sawmill   
  11. Woodstock   Forest Products    

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